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Ulrike Strube


Susanne Schmidt Lab

+49 228 28751226

Bio Summary

Ulrike Strube joined our team in summer 2020. Her current work is focused on molecular biology and culture of primary immune cells. She suppports researchers and students of our institute as well as external partners who are interested in transcriptomics analysis by the preparation of RNAs for sequencing runs. She is responsible for the isolation and quality control of RNAs from different origin, sample storage and transfer between sites. Currently, she supports researchers of the COVIMMUNE consortium by the extraction of RNAs from immune cells of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients at different disease stages.She has a profound knowledge in the isolation and differentiation of immune cells from human peripheral blood for immune activation assays. Additionally to her experience in the culture and transformation of tumor cells, international shipment of biological materials, she is currently responsible for the maintenance of the database for hazardous chemicals at our institute.Ms Strube started her career as BTA in 1993 at the Institute of Neurosciences in Göttingen. She was part of several research teams at academic institutions before she joined the company Qiagen in 2001. Since 2003 Ulrike Strube works at the University Hospital of Bonn.