Team member CV

Stephan Menzel, PhD

Core Facility Management

Florian Schmidt Lab

+49 228 28754760

Bio Summary

Stephan Menzel studied Biochemistry at the University of Hamburg and obtained his PhD in at institute of immunology at the UKE Hamburg studying ADP-ribosylation and purinergic signaling in 2014. During this time he started developing Nanobodies and dived deeper into Nanobody technology during his Postdoctoral training at the UKE. In a core project of the SFB1328 on purinergic signaling he was responsible for the generation of Antibodies and Nanobodies and focused on method development and nanobody engineering. Building on the developed Nanobodies he received a partner laboratory grant from the Mildred Scheel Nachwuchszentrum and became a junior group leader to utilize nanobodies in translational immuno-oncology. In 2022 he moved to Bonn to become manager of the Nanobody Core Facility: