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Róisín M. McManus

Principal Investigator

Roisin McManus Lab


Bio Summary

Róisín McManus studied natural science with a specialization in neuroscience for her undergraduate degree in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, where she graduated with a first class honours (2010). Following this, she dida PhD under the joint supervision of Prof. Marina Lynch and Prof. Kingston Mills in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, studying the effect of infection on the brain with age and in Alzheimer’s disease (2010-2015).

Róisín worked as a post doc in the Lynch lab on biomarker development in dementia (2015), before joining Prof. Michael Heneka’s lab at the DZNE in Bonn, Germany (2015-2021). During her post doc with Prof. Heneka, Róisín investigated new roles for the NLRP3 inflammasome in contributing to Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to developing novel methods to inhibit NLRP3 inflammasome activation.

Róisín joined Prof. Eicke Latz’s group at the DZNE and the III in 2021, where she was a senior postdoctoral researcher and an Alzheimer Forschung Initiative (AFI) project leader, overseeing a team of scientists together with Prof. Latz.

In 2024 Róisín was awarded a Fellowship from the DZNE to establish herown research group. Her work examines how immune signalling influences microglial metabolic reprogramming, and looks to the role of metaflammation in driving neurodegenerative disease.


Skiing, travelling and piano

Honours and achievements

2024-present           Member of the Excellence Cluster ImmunoSensation2, University of Bonn

2018-2019                 Member of the Helmholtz Advance mentoring program

2017-present            IndependentGrant reviewer for the French National Research Agency and the European Joint Program on Rare Diseases

2015-present            IndependentManuscript reviewer at 16 Journals including Alzheimer's and Dementia, Brain Behavior and Immunity, Cell Death and Disease

2014                           Dean of Students’ Roll of Honor, Trinity College Dublin

2010                           B.Sc.(Mod), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Graduated with 1st class honours

Education, Positions


Group Leader at DZNE


Senior Postdoctoral Scientist in the group of Prof. Eicke Latz, DZNE and Institute of Innate Immunity, Bonn, Germany.


Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Michael Heneka, DZNE, Bonn, Germany.


Postdoc in the lab of Prof. Marina Lynch, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


Research PhD, Department of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Interdisciplinary PhD co-supervised by Prof. Marina Lynch and Prof. Kingston Mills. 


Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


B.Sc. (Mod), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Natural Science with a moderatorship in Neuroscience.



Prizes, Awards

2024                            EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) (2024-2027)

2024                           Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship (2024-2027)

2024                           Career Development Fellowship, DZNE

2023                            TravelAward from Demenzhilfe to attend AAIC, The Netherlands

2023                           Deutsche Demenzhilfe Research Grant (2023-2024)

2022                           Travel Award from the Alzheimer’s Association to attend AAIC, San Diego, USA

2022                           Award from the ImmunoSensation 2 Cluster of Excellence, Germany to attend the European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society Meeting

2022                           Deutsche Demenzhilfe Research Grant (2022-2023)

2021                           Alzheimer Forschung Initiative (AFI) Research Grant (2021- 2023)

2020                           Immunosensation PostDoc Innovation Fund Research Grant

2018                           Travel Award from the ImmunoSensation 2 Cluster of Excellence, Germany to attend aSummer School on Neuroinflammation, Spain

2017                           Travel Award from AFIto attend the European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Scotland

2016                           Travel Award from the ImmunoSensation 2 Cluster of Excellence, Germany to attend a Summer School on Neuroinflammation, Spain

2014                           Travel Award from the German Multiple Sclerosis Society to attend the International Society of Neuroimmunology meeting (ISNI), Mainz, Germany

2013                           Travel Award from the British Society of Immunology (BSI) to attend the BSI Congress, Liverpool, UK

2013                           Oral Presentation Prize, Frontiers in Neurology Conference

2012                           Poster Presentation Prize, Neuroscience Ireland Conference

Meeting and Conference Organisation

2019-2023            PostDoc committee member of the Bonn School of Advanced Studies in Immunology

2013-2014                 CommitteeMember, Neuroscience Ireland Early-Career Researchers Committee, Co-organizer for the Young Neuroscientists Symposium 2014

2012-2014                 Society Secretary, Dublin University Neuroscience Society (NeuroSoc)

German Center of Neurodegenerative Diseases 
Translational Neuroimmunology Unit
DZNE, Campus Venusberg 1, 53127 Bonn, Germany