Team member CV

Maike Kreuzenbeck


Susanne Schmidt Lab

+49 228 28751291

Bio Summary

Maike Kreutzenbeck is a trained Biology Technical Assistant (BTA) who joined the Immunogenomics Group in summer 2018. In spring 2020 she became a member of the COVID-19 team and helped to set up laboratories, which are especially dedicated to COVID-19 research at our institute. Since then, she mainly contributes to the COVID-19 research of the COVIMMUNE consortium by epigenetics analysis of inflammatory monocytes of COVID-19 patients. Additionally, she is involved in projects investigating epigenetic changes in brains tumors and molecular mechanisms of inflammatory diseases in international clinical trials. She supports local and international researchers with her technical skills in genomics techniques by sample and library preparation for sequencing runs, like RNA-seq, ATAC-seq and histone / transcription factor ChIP-seq from various tissues or cell types. Moreover, she organizes the international shipping for the institute, maintenance of the flow cytometer and ordering system.
Mrs. Kreutzenbeck started her working career in 1999 at the Research Center in Jülich (FZJ) in the Cellculture-Technic group, followed by a 4-year work experience in the industry at Miltenyi Biotech GmbH in the production department of monoclonal antibodies and fluorochrome-conjugates. From 2013 to 2018 she was part of a iPSC research group at the University Hospital Cologne (UKK).


Phone: +49 228 287 51291