Team member CV

Jens-Henning Krause


Dagmar Wachten Lab

+49 228 28751246

Bio Summary

Jens-Henning Krause did his apprenticeship as a biology laboratory assistant at the University of Bonn, Germany and worked in the department of “Plant physiology” at the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology of Plants (IMBIO), Germany.
In 2003 he started working in the department of “Plant physiology” at the Research Center Caesar in Bonn, Germany and the Institute of Bio and Geosciences (IBG) at the Research Center Jülich. During this time, he graduated as a state certificate biotechnician at the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA) in Nürnberg, Germany.
Since 2017, he is working as a technical assistant in the departments of “Biophysical Imaging” at the Institute of Innate Immunity in Bonn.


Music, hiking, fishing