Team member CV

Jennifer Deborah Wuerth


Florian Schmidt Lab

+49 228 28751978

Bio Summary

Studying Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Bonn, Jen was driven by her interest in host-pathogen interaction, especially in the contexts of innate immunity, the interferon (IFN) system, and the regulation of translation. Thus, her diploma project in Veit Hornung’s lab focused on the application of ribosome profiling to IFN-stimulated murine macrophages.  

For her PhD, Jen then swapped the host for the pathogen perspective and moved to Friedemann Weber’s lab at the Universities of Marburg and Gießen to work with negative-sense RNA viruses. There, she elucidated how the phlebovirus SFSV uses its virulence factor NSs to sterically block the DNA-binding domain of IRF3 to dampen type I/III IFN induction. Furthermore, she reported how SFSV NSs conferred resistance to the viral RNA sensor PKR by targeting the translation initiation factor eIF2B and thereby uncoupling viral RNA sensing from the effector arm of the integrated stress response.

Coming back to both Bonn and the host perspective, Jen joined Florian Schmidt’s lab to employ and develop recombinant nanobody tools that target components of nucleic acid sensing pathways and the type I/III IFN system. While exploring the experimental and diagnostic potential of specific nanobodies selected due to target binding, she is developing a lentivirus-based screen to identify functionally active nanobodies. Besides, her interests also include the development of novel strategies for nanobody delivery to primary cells and heterogenous tissue populations


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