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Jan Niklas Hansen


Dagmar Wachten Lab

Bio Summary

Jan N. Hansen is fascinated by developing and employing quantitative, imaging-based approaches to uncover signaling mechanisms underlying cellular behavior, in particular signaling in primary and motile cilia. Jan bridges “wet” and “dry” lab. His interest in computer sciences emerged in the age of 13 years, when he started learning java programming. Later, he studied Molecular Biomedicine (Bachelor of Science) and Life and Medical Science (Master of Science) in Bonn, and, before returning to the Wachten lab as a PhD student, stayed in the Yaksi lab at the Kavli Institute in Trondheim, Norway.
Since his time as a Bachelor student, he conceives, develops, and releases open-source image analysis software for comprehensively characterizing cellular behavior (i.e. of microglia) and subcellular compartments (i.e. motile cilia, flagella, and primary cilia). In his current project he applies a combination of molecular biology, cell culture, optogenetics, advanced microscopy, and transcriptomics

PhD Fellowship by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds