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Franziska Dorer


Susanne Schmidt Lab

Bio Summary

Franziska Dorer is a trained bachelor of sciences and enlisted as a master student of the program "Immunobiology - from molecules to integrative systems" at the University of Bonn. In July 2020 she joined the Institute of Innate Immunity as an intern of Dr. Susanne V. Schmidt and got trained in cell isolation techniques, primary cell culture, flow cytometry, and multi-color panel design for the phenotypization of peripheral blood cell populations and activation states of monocytes and macrophages. Her internship project aimed to investigate the modulation of TAM receptor expression on myeloid cells in response to dexamethason treatment. Based on her preliminary findings, she will continue her project from June 2021 on in form of a master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Susanne V. Schmidt to investigate transcriptional changes in myeloid cells induced by dexamethason and its' consequences for the cellular functions in the fight of viral infections. Further, she aims to identify dexamethason-related gene signatures in monocytes of COVID-19 patients and will correlate these to the outcome of the disease-development. Her results will shed light on dexamethasone-related myeloid cell programming in the context of COVID-19 therapeutic treatment strategies.Since autumn 2020, Franziska Dorer also supports the COVIMMUNE consortium at the medical campus of the Unviersity of Bonn as student assistant by her work in the COVID-19 lab of the Institute of Innate Immunity under the supervision of Prof. Dr. E. Latz and Dr. Susanne V. Schmidt.Franziska Dorer studied from 2015 - 2019 “Nutritional Sciences” at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart with a focus on NOD-like receptors and their role in obesity induced low-grade inflammation.