Team member CV

Dorothee Johanna Lapp

PhD Student

Florian Schmidt Lab

Bio Summary

Dorothee started her academic journey in Biochemistry at the Heinrich-Heine Universityin Düsseldorf in 2017. Her bachelor's thesis on nanobody-based synthetic cytokine receptors sparked her interest in immunology, leading her to pursue a Biochemistry Master's degree at the University of Bonn. Dorothee became a member of the Institute of Innate Immunity, joining the Eicke Latz laboratory in 2021. She conducted her Master's thesis within Florian Schmidt's laboratory, where her research centered on nanobodies targeting STING signaling. The application of her biochemical background expertise in an immunological context fueled her enthusiasm to commence her PhD in 2022. As part of the Bonn & Melbourne Research and Graduate School Immunosciences (IRTG2168) under the guidance of Florian Schmidt and Jason Mackenzie at the Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne, her doctoral research focuses on the molecular mechanism of antiviral NLRP1 responses in different skin models.



Besides her scientific pursuits, Dorothee finds enjoyment in various sports activities, such as hiking, cycling, and skiing. During weekends, she unwinds by baking cakes or indulging in nature with her family and friends.