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Birthe Stüven


Dagmar Wachten Lab

Bio Summary

During my training as biological-technical assistant, I gained insights into different research and routine labs and became interested in biochemistry. Followingly, I continued my scientific education at the university of Bayreuth, where I specifically learned a lot about the biochemistry of optogenetic tools and their improvement in the group of Prof. Andreas Möglich. I was mainly working on light-regulated histidine kinases (YF1), adenylyl cyclases (bPAC), and phosphodiesterases (LAPD), studying their activity in bacterial cells. During my master thesis at the university of Bayreuth and the Caesar institute in Bonn, I partially improved the design of LAPD and succeeded in generating synthetic red-light-regulated adenylyl cyclases. Afterwards, I continued working with several optogenetic tools to study their behaviour in mammalian cell systems in the group of Prof. Dagmar Wachten at the university hospital Bonn. Besides the control of cellular processes by light, I am also interested in the function of primary cilia, especially in the role of mutations in the intraflagellar transport machinery during domestication of rabbits